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Using function as first class citizens in PHP

Consider this:

def findFirst[A] (as: Array[A], p: A => Boolean): Int = {}

What does that mean? Well, It's Scala is one hint, but more informative is

We have just declared a function

  • that can take an ambiguous type as its first input parameter,as long as it is an array of them
  • takes as its second parameter a function that takes the ambiguous type as its parameter and returns a boolean
  • will return an Int as its output

BTW the A in the above definition is considered as a placeholder, meaning

I don't care what you give me as A as long as you are consistent.

It could have been written as

def findFirst[Foo] (as: Array[Foo], p: Foo => Boolean): Int = {}


function findFirst (array $as, \Closure $p) { ... }

Oops, what about the return type? Bummer, best you can do is type hint in the documentation, although I hear that PHP 7 may be doing something about that. So for now:

 * @param array $as Whatever I want to describe this as, it's only a hint when
 *  all said and done
 * @param Closure $p Any old function will do!
 * @return Integer
function findFirst (array $as, \Closure $p) { ... }

So far so bad; No return type specified, no signature for the Closure. Return type I can sort of live with, because it can be hinted at in the docblock, but I'm blowed If I know what the rest of it is doing (except of course I am writing this, but I hope you see my point?)

Can we get round these limitations? Of course we can; Let us define another Class that we descend from, another Trait we can use. Let's not.