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Creating Zend ACL Definitions From XML

In the current project I am working on, I use the Symfony Dependency Injection library to implement DI. Specifically I use the XML variant as it is to my mind the most performant way of doing things. Thus, having chosen XML as my configuration paradigm, I want to stick to it.

I needed to be able to include an Access Control List (ACL) in the app, and my first thoughts lay in the direction of the Zend ACL. In the Zend 2 version, it seemed to have lost a bit of functionality along the way, mainly in terms of how to configure it externally. Taking a peek around t'internet revealed that there is a lack of XML support for the ACL. I came across a blog post by wolfulus which lays the foundation, but is specifically aimed at using the ACL within a Zend MVC implementation.

My project is using the Slim Framework, so it didn't quite fit the bill. A bit of mooching around Packagist and Github revealed Jeremy Kendall's work to implement Zend ACL into the Slim Framework. His implementation requires a database backend, not something I want in my app. But it did lead me to think.

So, first step was to abstract the problem. Simply put, I need to be able to create the ACL from an XML file in the most generic way possible. A night later and we have the answer - or at least I do ;-)

Now you can share the result in my library Github account.

use chippyash\Zend\Acl\Xml\AclDirector;
use chippyash\Type\String\StringType;

$location = new StringType('/location/of/my/acl.xml');
$director = new AclDirector($location);
$acl = $director->build();

Next step:

  • See if I can bend/amend Jeremy's work to fit my requirement.


I've now added the ability to import other ACL definitions and pass in ACL definitions as text rather than as just filenames. This allows you to build complex ACLs from multiple parts and include the builder as part of a workflow to create an ACL. Also, the XML definition (XSD) is publicly available via a URL. See the docs for more detail.